Aya (ranfujimiya) wrote,

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Let me say it again.

Youji's an idiot.

He won't stop blaring that stupid rap music with the stupid lyrics. Grr. Why is he trying to irritate me on purpose -_- He was dancing to the music like an idiot and attempted to molest me.

I hope I didn't hit him too hard, though (even though he really did deserve it -_-). I helped him to his feet, mumbling an apology. He accused me of being such a crank and that I needed to loosen up. Like I remember how to do that. And like it really matters -_-

It's a little hard to finish my book with him moving around the room all the time, too. Damn. He's too distracting... well, he mixes good drinks, at least...
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does this mean you'd like to drink several more of them in rapid succession?


if it'll get rid of the headache you're causing me.
:D You know, what you really need are shots. How about tequila? Yum!
If you promise to never play crappy rap music ever again in my presence, I'll take the shots...
that sounds like the deal of the century pour moi.


oh geez, Aya, I gave you that salt and lemon for a reason. Next time when I say lick-drink-suck, listen to me, okay??

Now here, let's try it again.

what the fuck?

a drink is a drink... you drink it. why all these complications?

fine. let me try some more, then.
Well you just found out, O Stubborn One. You want it to go down smooth, you follow my directions for this one, k?


Wheeeee, now wasn't that FUN? =D
Fine. You were right. It did go down much better with the lemon and salt ritual.

this isn't too bad, I guess...
I have a whole bottle! Let's have more! Yes! More!


So ... how you doing?

I'm good... why? I can drink some more, really..