Aya (ranfujimiya) wrote,

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I wore a sleeveless shirt today and in my hurry to get out, I forgot sunblock.

Now, the upper half of my arms are roasted.

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Aren't you glad you've got me here to smooth soothing aloe vera over your skin? It works best when you're naked!

I just need it on my arms.............
Like I said, get your clothes off and I'll rub you down. =)
I think the shirt off will do just fine.
Yes, indeed! Now just let ol' Youji work his magic hands! =D
I said just the arms, dammit.
I can't help it if my hand accidentally slipped and landed on your ass! You shouldn't squirm so much!
how can your hands slip from my arm all the way down to my ass?
Slippery When Wet.

... you didn't seem to mind it that much. =D

I feel like I have 50 layers of aloe vera coat on me.
hmm. Guess I better wipe some off, then. I can even use my tongue. Aren't you lucky to have such a dedicated friend?