Aya (ranfujimiya) wrote,

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Icicle ass....

"I offered him to Schwarz as a sex toy in exchange for clothes and a car and Nagi and a sex tape and a blowjob from Schuldig and something about an onsen"

Hnn... At least I know I wasn't being exchanged for something cheap and stupid. But still...

I am sharpening my katana as we speak. I thought it needed to be refreshed a bit... make it shiny... And really sharp and pointy.

I wonder when Youji plans to come home? -_-...

I was looking for him a bit around this afternoon, to give him a piece of my mind. When I was coming back to the shop, the crowd of girls there were... they were screaming a lot and doing weird things, so I turned away and decided I just might go... somewhere quiet instead.

Ken came back, at least. Looks like he was refreshed by the break he took... Maybe I need a break -_-;
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